Music and friendship are utterly intertwined for Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher, the Polish duo who have just recorded their first album of original music, Inner Symphonies. Friends since their teenage years at music school in Gdansk, the pair share a spirit of adventure and curiosity. Even as life took them on different paths Hania as a pianist and composer with two solo albums and a collection of songs written for Cinema, Theatre and Art Performances to her name; Dobrawa as solo cellist with the Szczecin Philharmonic their friendship endured. In 2015, they collaborated on an album Biala Flaga, featuring their arrangements of Polish rock star Grzegorz Ciechowskis msuic, giving them a taste of recording success and leading to the yet more ambitious Inner Symphonies.

Con Moto

Con Moto

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“‘Con Moto’,– with movement, lively, with spirit – was our attempt to give an idea of the force that all living matter embodies. Repetitive rhythms in piano and cello, pulsation, energy and dynamics were our tools for creating this piece. It was especially interesting composing something that contrasted so much with the position we were in during lockdown – ‘Con Moto’ is therefore our ode to freedom too.”

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Album Tour 2021


Reeperbahn Festival

22 September 2021 

Berlin • Disappearing Berlin

02 October 2021 

Brussels • Nuits Sonores @ Bozar

06 October 2021 

Paris • La Maroquinerie

26 October 2021 

London • Union Chapel

28 October 2021 

Dublin • Pavilion Theatre

30 October 2021 

Zurich • Kaufleuten

02 November 2021

Utrecht • Tivoli Vredenburg @ Hertz

03 November 2021

Köln • Stadtgarten

05 November 2021

Karlsruhe • Tempel

06 November 2021

Vienna • Konzerthaus

08 November 2021

Prague • Palac Akropolis

09 November 2021

Barcelona • La Nau

17 December 2021

Madrid • Auditorio Nacional

18 December 2021